LockdownBrowser Analysis


<:: Introduction LockDown Browser, developed by Respondus, is a “custom browser that locks down the testing environment” to ensure test-takers do not cheat or use external resources to gain an unfair advantage over their peers. Similar my previous article on secured browsers, which covered the ‘ETS Secure Browser’, Lockdown Browser also takes control of many aspects of...

Analyzing ‘Secured’ browsers


<:: Introduction Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we have seen a large spike in online courses, most colleges actually making them mandatory. Most schools are faced with an issue of how to actually administer tests while students are at home and ensure that they aren’t cheating, which is where ‘secured’ browsers come into play. Secured browsers are not new, they have...

Alpha-Anti-Leak In-Depth Analysis


<:: Introduction Alpha-Anti-Leak is a client-side anti-cheat software built primarily for Minecraft which uses a wide variety of methods to prevent and to detect cheaters which servers may encounter. While not the most popular anti-cheat for Minecraft, it is a notable member of the anti-cheat club. While each module has its own system of protection and reverse-engineering deterrence, I have...