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About Me

If you found this blog, then you likely already know that I am a professional reverse engineer, primarily focused in gaming systems and malware related software. All opinions and thoughts expressed on this blog are my own.

My name is Sebastien and I have been reverse engineering since around 2015. I originally started off my reverse engineering games, but quickly moved on to reversing more practical software and anti-cheating/DRM systems.

I am most known for my work in both LockDownBrowser and my independent research into JVM security and utilization of hidden JVM features to protect your own code. A lot of the posts and code that I public online for all to see are based off of months of research and a lot of in-depth analysis.

I am always open to reversing custom software so long as it is interesting in some way. I always have a post that I want to finish or publish, but I do not have so much free time nowadays. Check out my Youtube, Discord, and Twitch for more information!